Sunday, 21 June 2009

Anyone for Strawberries

Wimbledon hasn't even started and the single punnet we picked last weekend has grown into a positive glut by this weekend. For such a neglected corner of the plot the rhubarb and strawberries come up trumps year after year! The netting has preserved the crop from the birds, but something is still managing to breach the defences and drag off the odd fruit, or relocate them just to prove a point, it seems. I don't begrudge the odd fruit. (It's just when there is a peck out of every one that I get mad!)

Lettuce is now also in a glut situation, but I will still be sowing now to ensure there is a succession right up until the autumn frosts.

Bean looking for support:

The runner beans are, for the most part, already wrapping themselves around the poles. I haven't had to tie one this year, just guide the occasional wandering one around its pole by hand. They are positive triffids. Here's one 'looking' for a pole:

It's so nice to get some return - compensation for all that boring weeding!

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