Saturday, 8 January 2011

Edinburgh Snow - again

It took ages for the last snow (which started on 26th November) to melt away. And when all but the street corner stockpiles had gone we got more last night. Still, at least I feel exonerated from doing any work!!!   Here's some snaps instead:

The Union Canal with Polwarth Church on the horizon.

Corstorphine Old Parish Churchyard.

Every twig has got its own sprinkle of snow.

Artechoke and leek soup for lunch, seemed to suit the weather! 


  1. I think we're due for some too - not looking forward to that. The pictures of the canal reminded me of walking along the banks the other year when we came up to see Leonard Cohen at the castle.

  2. Looks beautiful Mal, quite mild down here managed to get some digging done!

  3. WE had snow yesterday too but it thawed quickly and there are no signs left of it today - rain instead.

  4. So much work that would normally have been done last month is still on hold, I hope we'll get a break soon. When I heard we'd had the coldest winter since'47, I remembered my Dad saying the catchphrase then was "Many are cauld, but few are frozen".

  5. It was a beautiful day today after the snow, wasn't it? I didn't realise the canal was frozen just now.

    Was that artichoke or jerusalem artichoke in the soup?

  6. ... that would be jerusalem artichoke, Linda. T'other is one I've never taken on... yet.

    The canal has been frozen over for weeks even under the bidges for some of the time and even when it rained a week or two ago, but thankfully people stopped walking on it since then.

  7. Well at least you had a nice sunny day o get these lovely picturesque shots!!

  8. It looks beautiful!
    All of our snow melted. Now we are having spring weather: very warm and sunny!

  9. Does look beautiful.

    It has all melted in the West of Scotland - for now that is.

    Happy New Year to you Mal.