Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Another Brick in the Wall?

This winter's project progress report:

The foreman has his doubts "All that digging and not one bone to show for it!"

Two down and two to go.

The white spots are lengths of polypipe through the wall for drainage. All the bricks are recycled. Each raised bed is about 100 bricks. The quality of workmanship has improved slowly from a very low base. I might have to do some repointing before building up the soil level.

It's a hard time of year just now. The carrots are running out, the spuds all eaten,  cabbages and sprouts all gone. It's just turnip, parsnip  kale and leeks left!  With possibly some purple sprounting broccoli to come, that's not much to fill the hungry gap until the first salads. Also I don't feel like I've gardened unless I'm growing something, so here's my little (indoor) kick off of the year's sowing: six lettuce varieties (all but one from an already open packet - so nothing lost if they don't work). With some more soil and some fleece over the top one of the new planters should be the ideal place to plant these out into!

So  there you have a whole post without a sideswipe at the Coucil...

                                                                      ..... mind you, Christmas trees on the street in February!!!


  1. Fantastic raised beds Mal..can't wait to see later photos of them full of veg.

    Poor foreman..think he needs a bone))

  2. Oh I like the brick raised beds, most impressive. I'd love to make a round one, on a scale of 1-10, exactly how much skill would you say you needed to construct your beds?

    Lol, I have a minus score for any sort of construction skills :)

  3. I like you raised beds very much. The drainage pipes are great idea, good thinking!

  4. Looking good and you nearly managed to leave the council out of things!

  5. So organised...I can only dream at the moment. We are not in active allotment mode. This weekend - furniture removals through to Glasgow for student son...
    I've noticed an outbreak of Christmas-tree-uplift-reluctance this year.

  6. I have ben using my newly bought seed sprouter for something fresh and to relieve the boredom of winter....
    ....if we put christams trees in our bins like this the council wouldn't empty the bins....apparently the lids have to close otherwise the lorry can't empty them properly?!?!??!??!

  7. Looking good Mal. What do we pay our council tax for eh?