Sunday, 24 July 2011

Peas and Beans, Cabbage and Greens...

Dry spring, wet summer, bad news for some crops but seems to suit others.  


and in particular broad beans

and the brassicas are looking happy.

...aside from the slugs and snails who are having a field day.

Won't be long before the runners and french beans are on stream.


  1. I've been fighting a battle with slugs. The bastards stripped my French Beans bare.

  2. Oh peas! Don't speak to me about peas - they certainly haven't liked our dry weather. We harvested very few!

  3. Looks like you've had a similar year to me so far! My cabbages are behind your magnificent specimens because they're all replacements for the ones the slugs and snails ate, but since I got new slug pellets the ground is littered with corpses and my plants are feeling a lot better. Never seen as many snails as this year.

  4. Looking good Mal, most outdoor crops have been good for me so far this year, it's the greenhouse that's not as good, cucumbers are barely growing and the tomatoes look a bit feeble. Brassicas and beans no problem though, overrun with 'em!