Friday, 5 August 2011

A bean in the hand...

Today I picked my first runner beans.

The bees are working away to ensure more will follow.

Back at home the Sungold tomatoes are looking good so far.  I've never seen such a long trusses.

Other good news, under those nets there are carrots. Germination has been unreliable but the first sowings that survived are now big enough to dig up... and there will be more to follow.


  1. Our beans are just setting. As for carrots we don't talk about them this year - major faux pas there which I will no doubt blog about at some point!

  2. Lots of beans coming good now and overrun with always! Well done with your carrots, my nemisis so far but I think I've cracked it this year, going to lift a few in a couple of weeks fingers crossed!

  3. Sue didn't mention that just by chance we picked our first runner bean today. It just needs some friends to go with it!

  4. Oh Mal, I just adore those beans with the red flower, I think Mark (from Mark's veg plot) has them too... so pretty. I have looked them up and they are not recommended for my climate... so sad, but at least I can enjoy yours. They are BEAUTIFUL!!

  5. Look at your carrots - so lovely! I just planted a fresh crop for fall/winter.. Are those Painted Lady runner beans.. I have some growing for the first time this year, thanks to gardeningbren..

  6. The runners ARE Painted Lady, Niki. I'm not growing Scarlet Emporer this year, but they have great (all) red flowers! Curiously, this year, most of my others are purple.

    p.s. I've just realised that I have dwarf hands. ...and next time I promise I'll wash them before posting!!!

  7. your carrots look great!

    What type of runner bean are you growing?? I've never seen two tone flowers before.

    I have long trusses on my greenhouse tomatoes too!