Saturday, 1 October 2011

End of Seasoning - Herbs

Do you remember the new herb bed? Back in June it looked like this:

but now each plant has run its course for the first season. Some have flourished and disappeared (Fenugreek, Chervil and Summer Savory) Others have established themselves (Rosemary Sage and Thyme) but the cuckoo in the nest has been the Sorrel! I've sown some more at the plot and I am going to dig this patch up. Anyone know any good sorrel recipes?  

All in all I am delighted with the new "parterre". As you can see from the picture below the loose leaf lettuces are turning into pagodas while the wild rocket is going wild.  In the background my outdoor tomato experiment has returned a negative response. Not one fruit. Not to be repeated.

On the plants with some protection (my plastic greenhouse)  fruits have appeared.  The Sungold cherry tomatoes have been enjoying the indian summer. The second variety (Harbinger) has even put on a late spurt to produce one ripe fruit!

..but there's plenty more for the green tomato chutney!


  1. It's not really been the best of years for outdoor tomatoes even though in our area blight was kept at bay by the dry conditions. Even indoor tomatoes have taken ages to ripen.

  2. Glad to see some of your tomatoes going red Mal...The herb bed will look great again next summer...I will look out any sorrel recipes I might have and let you know soon. I have had huge success with my tomatoes this year and I'm hoping for a repeat again next year!!

  3. There are a few sorrel recipes, but I find it a bit tough so I use it as an early salad leaf, it's nice when it's small. Not been a good year for outdoor tomatoes, after 10 years of experiments I recommend bush plants rather than cordons, and buy plants that have been grown in a nursery to start with. I did this and have had some tomatoes, amazingly.

  4. Potato-sorrel soup is a classic. Sorrel-infused cream is also good with potatoes and with fish.
    Those bricks look like they have been there forever--so European and beautiful!
    Did you sow the fenugreek seeds? I have read instructions to soak them in bleach water, which freaks me out.

  5. Hi Val/Dinky. I discovered this year that you can grow fenugreek seed direct from the culinary spice jar. No special treatment required!

  6. Cool, I will have to try that. There is an Indian tomato sauce with fenugreek that I'd really like to replicate.