Saturday, 9 January 2010

In the deep mid winter

Here's a familiar view:

Not much showing above the snow level. You can always rely on leeks! In the background the cabbage variety is 'Tundra'.

Now where were those parsnips?

Bringing home the brussels:

... and just for Soilman's benefit here's how my raspberries are doing:


  1. My brussels don't look anywhere near as good as yours...not quite sure what I'm doing wrong but they are really tiny on the stem..any idea on how I can make them bigger??? I've planted to the instructions...any ideas??? this is the second year in a row it's happened and I'm devastated because I do love my brussels!! :-(

  2. I think the photograph is a bit flattering, Tanya. We (6 of us) ate them all at on sitting). I'm convinced the secret is plenty of lime. But don't take my advice - this seems to cover the ground:

  3. Your brussels look great, and how straight are those parsnips!