Friday, 29 January 2010

Wish List for 2010

Prompted by the igrowveg blog I've cobbled together my wish list for 2010

To properly force one clump of rhubarb (this involves getting a bigger tub this year!)
Last year was good, but ths year's going to be better. I've received delivery of a new compost bin today which I'm going to use as a 'forcer'.

To grow fly free carrots. I gave up oncarrots years ago because the carrot root flies liked them so much that he ate them before I did. At a not inconsiderable outlay I have now armed myself with a couple of 'agrimesh' cloches to keep the rootfly out. Will it work - and will I remember to weed once the tunnels are set up?

Try blueberries
(awaiting delivery) and raspberries (already planted) for the first time. I have already documented my preparatory efforts for both of these. Seasonal soft fruit Mmmm

Increase the range of brassicas (cauliflower , red cabbage, maybe even kohlrabi? mmm maybe not. Swede anyway) My rotation (more of which to follow) dictates that a rough third of the plot is given over to brassicas. Who wants 50 cabbages all maturing at once?

Grow parsley – lots of it. We eat alot so lets grow alot. (or should that be a lot?) Anyone else mad keen on Tabouleh?

Grow coriander for leafNow there’s a challenge! Previous attempts have all run to seed

Successfully grow the ‘wild” rocket seed I saved from last year. There is rocket and there is wild/sweet rocket. This is the skinny leafed variety that the Italians grow and restaurants serve scraps of at exorbitant prices. Some from a salad mix seed packet (free with the People's Friend no less) escaped and grew like bilio in our patch and I let it go to seed. I hope to grow the next generation on for consumption with the less flavoursome, wonderfully bland lettuce

To remember to label all pots and not to mix my bean plants up. Last year I grew 4 wigwams of bean. Those that were monoculture were fine, those I mixed up had to be left for seed as I couldn't be sure whether they were for seed or pod eating. I have in the past seen wigwams set up by people at our allotment site only to find they have grown dwarf french beans instead of runners

To really grow successionally. We all know we should, but do we plan well enough in advance?

Stop Florence fennel bolting for a second year!OK I’ve really got carried away. If I do, you'll be the first to know

Do let me know what you plan to achieve in 2010.


  1. Im hoping to get fennel bulbs too.Last year I gave them a lovely spot with loads of manure, but they still ran to seed.Wonder if it's because I started them in modules, so this year I'll be patient and direct sow. In fact, patience is probably what I need most,along with tact, wisdom,etc.etc. but one thing at a time,eh?

  2. You won't regret the blueberries. I had my first crop last year and they were delicious, I'm looking forward to having a reapeat harvest this year. I'm having a go at swedes for the first time this year too.

  3. We cover our carrots with enviromesh every year and can testify to its success. Still picking carrots now.