Sunday, 27 June 2010

Peas Please Me (and courgettes too)

Pride of place has to go to this regal flower. I'd just been congratulating Soilman on his when, on my very next visit to the plot, I was greetedby this cheering sight:

Peas, have been a tale of two halves this year. Mangetout Oregon Sugar Pod has proved worth sticking with:

Compared to Petit Pois Waverex which has been an underperformer

Heres's the two, side by side, like two squads lining up for the anthems before a match.


  1. Quite a difference in the peas side-by-side.

    You will be up to your ears in courgettes soon, we call them summer squash over here. i expect they are generally the same thing though ours tend to be crookneck. It looks like many gardeners over your way tend to grow a straighter type, more speckled than solid in color. Or its just what happens to be grown in the Allotment Garden blogs i have been following.
    Its amusing how we eagerly await the first of them each summer and then by late summer we are foisting them upon anyone who will take them. I have one squashlet that i peek at every morning, i hope it will size up quickly. Since my brassicas got eaten by woodchucks i am looking forward to the next best thing.

  2. it's all looking ery nice...I think your plot is much tidier and greener than mine!!

  3. icebear

    woodchucks? Like our squirrels? Aren't pigeons bad enough without rodends to deal with too? I keep on finding conkers (horse chesnuts) growing on our plot. The nearest trees are about 50 yards away so I reckon they must be buried by squirrels. Having a burn (stream) nearby we also get water voles nibbling away at our bettroot and turnips in the winter.


    But I haven't had my shed burned down or taken on an extra plot! And I don't beleive you anyway.

  4. Great peas, Mal. Dead impressed. Mine are CRAP; failed to properly net them, so pigeons ate half and pea moth buggered up the rest.