Saturday, 9 October 2010

And in the Red Corner

After much agonising I got most of my tomatoes to ripen,  indoors in a plastic carton with rotting bananas to help! I was careful to label a couple of them so that I could do a flavour comparison.  On the left Ailsa Craig on the right, Moneymaker.  Once they had both ripened I set about the task of judging.

They looked pretty similar on the outside:

They looked pretty similar on the inside:

The tasting verdict - You can't really tell them apart! Sad to say neither of them had the taste of Sungold.

Still with the betroot and cucumber they made a  really refreshing platefull!


  1. What's the golden beetroot like? And are you eating it raw?

  2. We grew yellow beetroot too and white and stripy. So you peel your cucumbers do you?

  3. I'm liking the look of the yellow beetroot.

    I'm torn on tomatoes at present. I'm only going to grow some next year if I can find some way of keeping blight at bay.

  4. The beetroot looks great...does it taste any different?? I think I would like to try some of this next year maybe.

    Glad your tomatoes finally ripened....I had moneymaker this year and I liked the taste but I may try some of those 'sungold' you mentioned if they are so flavoursome!!

  5. Hi Izzy! The golden beetroot tastes just as sweet, if not sweeter, than the red. This was cooked, although you can eat it raw (provided you grate it). I have had doubts expressed that it can be served raw, but even 'neep can be served raw, grated, as I discovered when I went to Aberdeen!

    Hi Sue (zey)! This is the first year I've grown cucumber (Telegraph) and they grew with thorns that would put a cactus to shame. I peeled them on health and safety grounds.

    Hi Iggy! Go for the yellow beetroot. Cut back on the artichokes and you'll have plenty of room for experimenting with toms!

    Hi Tany! The yellow betroot according to Mrs M tastes exactly the same as the red. I cooked these for a yellow Borschst but that was ruled out of bounds - Borszt has just got to be red!!!!

    Sungold are very flavoursome yellow cherry sized tomatoes. I love them!

  6. Hi Mal, I'll definitely have a go at golden beetroot next year and Sungold. Still got some toms to ripen in the greenhouse yet, may be a little bit late so could be fried green tomatoes with the bacon and eggs next weekend!

  7. Hi Dynamo! It only occured to me that tomatoes ripen from the inside before the skins turn red when I chopped on up for fried green tomato last week! Very tasy it was too. I guess the secret is the seasoning as the tomato tasted resolutely bland. At this rate I'm not going to have any left for green tomato chutney! Now there's a statement I couldn't have imagined every making!

  8. Are you a scientist in real life? You have such a scientific approach to gardening (intended as a compliment!).

  9. Wow, you were excavating way back in my blog! I love to do that when I have time. Too often it's just a quick glance at the latest post, but it's great to go back over the months and years occasionally.

    Here in North Edinburgh we don't seem to have as many food for free pickers as you do in the hungry south. I discounted parents with small kids. Or perhaps I'm not out along the walkway at the right time of day. Perhaps Trinity Woman goes out early in the morning to avoid being seen by the neighbours.

  10. Err - I may have got a bit lost!

    I see you have onions, Linda. Do you plait them?