Sunday, 3 June 2012

Mounds of Joy

With the recent rain following on from the hot spell the potatoes have, at last, appeared here in Edinburgh.  This always makes me realise just how far we are behind the South. 

I've lost no time in mounding them. I am a big fan of potatoes and the mounding regime. The reason for this is that by doing so at least one part of the plot is weed free. Pretty soon the canopy will form to suppress an weeds that survive the mounding process.

This leaves me free to concentrate my efforts on weeding other areas (and even some sowing and planting).

As I get Monday as a holiday tomorrow will be brassica patch planting day.

I also need to net off the soft fruit before any ripens as otherwise the birds will get there before I do.

Here's a snap of a blackberry in flower.

Looks like a heavy crop.


  1. If the rain stops by tomorrow we will be planting out our brassicas, netting the redcurrants and strawberries. I got my potatoes earthed up yesterday.

  2. We're in the Isle of Man, so I'm glad to see that your potatoes are about the same level as ours, we do the mounding system as well, but I have seen other using rubbish bags buried the ground, perhaps stops them coming back in the old spots year after year (might try that next year). Looks like you'll be getting lots of blackberries, we're doing well with rhubarb at the moment, and lots of flowers on the raspberries.

  3. WE had lots of plans for planting out things today and then the rain had other ideas!

  4. Looks like you're going to have lots of lovely potatoes! The blackberry seems very happy.

  5. I have mounded my potatoes for the first time ever this I wonder why we do it,...I have several theories!!