Thursday, 19 August 2010

The house of sticks

This little piggy decided to build a greenhouse

This little piggy bought a kit from Pundstretcher

This little dog helped

The little piggy filled greenhouse with tomato plants...

... and the wind came and shook the grenhouse to pieces.

even after he'd reinforced it with bamboo canes

So the little piggy taped it up as best he could and hoped he'd still get some ripe tomatoes, far he hasn't

He should have realised when he read the notice on the carton of his "WALK IN GREENHOUSE":

Boy does he regret wasting £20 now!



    I have a pair of those type of greenhouse, mine are simply a tall shelf set with the poly cover that ties on and zips closed.
    They work fine unless it is windy, then they fall over, but they secure easily enough.

    I was considering trying a larger one but i think i'll be happy with what i got. :o)

  2. well on the bright side you do have some tomatoes still so that has to count for something right?!?!

    I sympathize with you's so annoying to spend money out and find that you have ended up wasting it.........I'm sure you can come up with a use for the greenhouse though...Maybe a frame for a bonfire on guy fawkes night?

  3. I wanted to buy on e-bay something similar, before we built the one I have now. Good thing that I didn't buy it.
    Will you be able to get some tomatoes? I see that they are all green. I hope there will be enough heat for them to turn red.

  4. You know what you need; you need a Superbed (not available at the shops, terms and conditions apply, the value of your investment may fall as well as rise, I liked it so much I bought the company).

    Timber, screws, a couple of hinges and some plastic sheeting, and you too could make your garden/allotment/wife look like a shanty town. From surburbia (sorry, that's an English thing) to downtown Lagos in one easy building project. Plus, if you're really lucky, you might get to cut off an appendage, which will result in a visit to the pretty nurse.

  5. I've been thinking about buying one of these for my sister - maybe not them!

  6. Definitely not, Sue! I underplayed the trauma. I put the contraption up and the first winds shook it apart. After removing the plastic cover to preserve it I replaced the sheared of screw and thread joints by feeding fencing wire through the hollow tubes and wrapping them around the uprights. Then I taped EVERY joint with gaffer tape. I also provided 4 bamboo struts to turn the upside down V structure into an A frame, all secured with tape. Then I weighed down the frame with three wet grobags (plus tomatoes) before putting the plastic cover, back on. All was well until the next winds which separated the the zip from the plastic. Game over!

    Come back Gardman all is forgiven - (you lasted until the frame rusted, admittedly with several replacement covers)

  7. I've got one and it's not very stable - even in a sheltered back garden with bricks weighing down the base. But I have had one ripe tomato from it though. Although this is about 10 less than I've had from the plant growing outside the greenhouse... However it was useful for starting off plants in the spring, so not a complete waste.

  8. Yup, I have one too. I gave up on growing anything in it and now it houses flowerpots and plant food.

    About the Wolfstone - I've never been up that bit of the A9, tho we're going up to Thurso in October, to the Mod, so I'll look out for it.

  9. Was it made in China by any chance? It makes me so angry that products are sold that are so badly made these days. I got a cheap tent, that was sewn together so badly it had big holes in it and the doors didn't meet up.

  10. I've got 3 of them! Admittedly two are pristine in the boxes still. The other one if in a sheltered spot and I've driven hooked iron rods into the ground to stop it taking off. So far so good, I used it mainly for the seedling glut in April/May.

  11. Dynamo - If you've got two to spare you could easily carry out a reinactment of Wilbur and Orville Wright's first manned flight. They would have been off the ground a lot quicker if they'd had a pair of these!!!

  12. I've got a smaller version of this which I use inside my normal greenhouse right at the start of the season when starting off seeds. It gives a bit of extra protection to the seedlings inside the greenhouse. As I only have a 6X4 greenhouse, my hubby bought me a similar one to your's for Christmas to give me some extra space, but you do have to be careful with them. It was weighted down and also secured to the fence. Once my seedlings were moved on I took it down to avoid any damage.