Wednesday 25 August 2010

Keep On Running - and Plumming

You may recall I was saving six satellites from each of three strawberry plants this year? Well they just wouldn't stop running. When I cleared the surplus brassicas seedlings I found the strwbs had been making a bid for freedom.

So I potted up the extra rooted runners and here's the result for my late season "Florence". That's 18 seedlings from one plant! How vigorous is that? The "Judibell" and "Cambridge Favourite" produced a dozen each as well. They get planted out at the plot in a few weeks time.

The other surprise is that our 1 plum tree looks like producing a bumber crop for the second year in a row. This proves my drastic pruning last winter has been positively beneficial.

The only worry is whether they ripen before the end of summer. (The same problem as with the tomatoes) It's been a horrible week for sun and temperature. The beans have noticed and the courgettes have just about been stopped in their tracks. Still, from this one there is hope...


  1. I remember buying 4 strawberry plants few years ago. The following year I had more than 50. Now I mostly cut off the runners. I do grow some, so I can replace the old plants.
    Have you had a runner growing its own new runner? Those strawberry plants are spreading faster than weeds.

    It looks like you will have a lot of plums too! I wish you warm weather so they can ripen.

  2. We have hundreds of plums ready to be picked and I'm having a hard job keeping up with them. I hope ours ripen before the season is out but if not you could always try the banana won't lose anything by it!!

  3. I hope you get some more sunshine so that those plums can ripen. I love how some plants just want to make more plants for free. I usually pot up some runners too.

  4. Don't forget to cut the plums in half before you eat one - just in case!

    Strawberry plants are prolific aren't they - soon make a dense meass if one year you don't trim off the runners.

  5. Man, this weather is crap. Even here in the positively tropical South it's 8° tonight! Mind you, I'm not having to water at present, but the artichokes and now bowed down to the ground. A trim might be in order!

  6. Hi Mal, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I have just been browsing your blog and I have to say the veg is impressive for someone who only gets to tend the plot at week-ends. I love your brick strawberry bed, it looks more rustic than my wooden raised bed.
    I thought your Fennel looked amazing too. I also grew Florence Fennel for 2 years running and I had some beauties, but I am the only one in our family who likes it, so it's not worth me growing it anymore.
    Have a good week-end M x

  7. Good result Mal, wish I'd have rooted more of the runners, got about a dozen or so new plants which will keep me going.

  8. Isn't fruit from the plot just the haws? Those plums'll be great, then you'll be up to your elbows in jam, chutney, crumbles, tarts... sorry, I'm starting to drool.