Monday, 13 February 2012

Bicentenary (or Third Birthday)

This is my 200th post and the third anniversary of starting this blog. Here's some of the most visited topics.
My 100th post was in the height of summer when I was spoilt produce at the plot. It still gets lots of hits, mostly by people googling "Red Kidney Beans"

Red Kidney Beans

Another big hit is "Brick Raised Beds"

Brick Raised Bed
"Edinburgh Snow" has lots of visitors too.

Edinburgh Snow
Now I've set up a separtate blog Edinburgh Album for non gardening pictures. I've also made a blog just for bread too ryesmile  as my interest in breadmaking threatened to take over my allotment site!

One of the earliest and most popular topics was Forcing Rhubarb:

Forcing Rhubarb

Another big "pull" is carrots!

 Although there is the danger of blogging instead of gardening, keeping a blog really does wonders for productivity. By having a "conversation" with others you not only learn some really relevant tips but also are putting yourself on your metal. Of course I am a boaster, forever hiding that messy corner out of camera shot. Wide angle and macro shots are both forgiving in their own ways.  But I'm also honest enough to learn from my mistakes. I've enjoyed the journey and really appreciate the help and the company along the way. So thank you for joining me on this vegetable odessey.


  1. I know what you mean Mal...i have picked up so many tips from my blogs and received some excellent advice. This is a great post for a 'blogaversary'....I never though of doing anything like this....hope the following year sees you getting lots of great produce and blogging lots too!!

  2. It's been a pleasure to meet you through your blog Mal.

    We all take photos of the things we are most proud of but as you say it is important to admit shortcomings too as it makes us all feel that we are not the only ones to have set backs.

    I think blogging about your gardening also means that you try out new things and evaluate what you are doing more.

    So happy blogiversary and long may your blogging continue!

  3. Happy blogiversary!

    I might have to do this in December (for my first year)! I've had an allotment for 4 years now, but have to say that after a friend talked me into doing a blog about the new one, it does help focus on one job at a time (just so I can put up before and after pics!)

    I've also got a lot of ideas from other people, and I hope they have from me too.

    Love the pics of the carrots, I'm definitely giving the coloured ones a go this year (got purple seeds, but now I've seen your colours.....)

    I look forward to reading & seeing more, feel free to visit my little plot in the Isle of Man.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Looking forward to the next 200 posts xxx

  5. Just had to leave a comment - internet connected last night in my new home in Wales and I just had to leave a comment. Congratulations on your 3 year of blogging and I am too looking forward to the next 200th posts (even though I don't leave comments much) I do read your blog and will continue too.

    Love all the pics, esp. the rainbow carrot. I am hoping to get back into the growing mode again this year as the house I am renting has a lot more potential than my old flat that sadly has yet not been sold.

    1. Belated congratulaitons! Quite an achievement. It's hilarious what some of the popular search results were. You always wonder if people were delighted or disappointed when they click through from Google. I have some rather dubious search terms that are very popular.

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