Sunday, 5 February 2012

A quick trot by

 Got around to doing some real gardening today.  Digging compost into what will be the carrot patch this year.  Home made compost, not manure as that would be too rich.

Carrot preparation
 I had to clear away the Brussel sprouts to do this, so we've got lots to eat this week. Otherwise all that's left are leeks...


...and the very aptly named "Hungry Gap" kale.

Hungry Gap Kale
This year we ate all our potatoes, carrots onions before Christmas arrived. Now we've picked our last brussels and turnip. I've set myself a target of lasting longer next year by growing and storing lots more carrots and potatoes. 


  1. I think all we'd see on a plot visit this weekend is lots of the white stuff. I'm hoping we have some sprouts to pick but the cold weather might have finished our cabbages off. We've still some parsnips in the ground and potatoes stored in the garage. Now if only the snow would disappear...

  2. Love the foxtrot! I can't believe that you got a pic of the fox. I had a fox den on the farm and only saw one once!

    Your plot looks good. We ran out of carrots a couple of weeks ago. It looks like the onions will hold out and there are still some potatoes left.

  3. I am hoping to grow more winter veg to be able to harvest throughout winter next year...I still have some stuff up the allotment but I am thinking more variety!!

    That's a very bold fox you have there....hope no-one lost any chickens!!

  4. Oh the cheeky wee foxy!! He had a nerve, good job you had the camera on standby! xx

  5. I love the pic of the fox! I have a robin, hare and pheasant visit me at our plot, but they don't stick around to pose for me.

    I've got a really good recipe for leeks (lazy risotto) that I must put up on my blog one of these days - but I like to put up with pics, so I'll have to cook it this week ;-)

  6. Great shot of the fox!

  7. How lucky to see a fox in such brilliant daylight!

  8. I'd love the chance to photograph a fox!

  9. The fox shot is great!! and..your garden looks so healthy with the new compost, producing leeks and kale still. So great to see other gardens in different climates, ahead of ours.