Sunday, 4 March 2012

C for chives

I don't think there is any more dramatic herald of spring than chives. I thought they were dead, but the "green shoots of spring" are shooting away:

Something else sprouting: rhubarb.  I covered one of the crowns with a bin today. A bit tardy I know, but it should still make a difference.

Rhubarb emerging

Now can you guess what inspired  my fleece cloches?

Here's a clue - or rather the answer!


  1. i love chives such a great Herb, I had 2 tubs that i was going to chuck out but when i checked them this week they too had started growing again so i have repoted them.

  2. Your chives look really healthy - when mine have grown a bit bigger I think I will split them and add them to the edges of the raised bed as I think they are lovely when they are in flower.

  3. At least those cloches wont need painting! Some of our rhubarb crowns are starting to show some signs of life but I still think last summers drought finished some off for good.

  4. Our chives just seed everywhere. I replanted them around the edge of a herb bed on the plot last year and still had too many! The bees love the flowers though

  5. I'm not sure my rhubarb will get going; I missed the cold snap, which I think has finished off my garlic!

    1. Chives and rhubarb sprouting over here too by the sea.
      Thanks for your comment on my 'last' post. I got a telling off from she who must be obeyed for revealing too much personal detail (goodness knows what Facebook is in that case). So I've edited my post slightly. Talk about editorial power!

  6. My herbs are all staring to revive now after the winter too...I also noticed a bud emerging form the rhubarb so I'm looking forward to some of the soon....can't wait to have plenty to harvest again!!

  7. Chives are looking very healthy, I've not got any in yet but my Rhubarb has already had a few stalks picked & eaten. Sailed under that bridge a few times but wouldn't fancy trying to throw a fleece over it!!