Saturday, 24 March 2012

E is for Epicure

Epicure Potatoes Chitting
I used to think that all new potatoes were waxy. Then I tried Duke of York, Edzell Blues and Epicure. You won't find Epicure in your supermarket because they are unevenly shapen and have deep eyes.  But they are worth growing for the flavour and texture. Also their earlieness. They have a reputation for hardiness and having seen my own crop get singed by the frost before coming on strong again, I can vouch for this. That's one reason they are popular in Scotland even though they are an English import being first grown in Christchurch, Hampshire by James Clark in 1897.  I'm planting mine this weekend.

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  1. I like waxy potatoes...yet none of the new potatoes I have grown have come out this way...any pointers or tips on variety??