Monday, 26 March 2012

G for Garlic

This weekend was a corker -  record temperatures. By virtue of the fact that I am no longer on the committee I had two hours of sunshine to work on my plot this Sunday. I took with me my Epicure first early potatoes (as you'd expect from my last post), some Early Onward peas, soaked overnight, Onion seeds and some onion sets that I had brought on in cells at home. All missions accomplished. But on arrival the garlic provided a welcome surprise. I've only tried to grow garlic once before and it was not a good  or rewarding experience. But waiting to greet  yesterday was this:   

Garlic in March

Not only is there healthy growth, but as yet there are no weeds!!!  Surely this is going to be a success this time....?

I love sowing the first row of onions:

1st row to sow
 In fact I sowed both pre-soaked and dry peas just to see if it made much of a difference.

Peas soaked and dry
 But pride of place still goes to the garlic!

At the end of the row is my dalek rhubarb forcer - Yes for those who have noticed my omission, F preceeds G, but I got a bit carried away! For good measure here's my belated F for forcing Rhubarb.


  1. Does the Forced Rhubarb taste any better? I've never tried this.

    Your garlic is really fantastic...and even for Scotland, I think it is quite far ahead. Bet you will have huge bulbs to harvest.

  2. Hi Bren. The first rhubarb always tastes the best! So the earlier the better. The "outdoor" rhubarb is only a couple of weeks behind. The forced is a bit less acidic, but as I love sharp rhubarb too it's a wonderful long harvesting crop.

    "Bet you will have huge bulbs to harvest" - Ooh, I do hope so! Time alone will tell.

  3. Your Garlic is looking awesome... very good...

  4. I've just seen your profile picture John, and I think my garlic has some way to go yet! Also here in Scotland you need some dedication (+greenhouse) to get tomatoes to ripen! 30C is the highest temperature ever recorded here in Edinburgh!

  5. Gosh your garlic is thriving. I did manage to grow some when I was in the West of Scotland, but the head was not as big as I would have liked, but the flavour was whopping. I have been given some elephant garlic. I am not that keen on it, but its better than nothing. Sadly many of my seeds have not germinated, as the packets were old. Also missing a greenhouse, part of me is tempted to get one - even though we don't have a wage, it will be a good investment in the long run. Thinking about it.

    And your right about the weather is been hot here too. My father has got a NEW allotment plot and its not at the bottom of the hill! He is so pleased. We have been helping him on and off with digging and weeding. We managed to get some tatties in the ground too. Happy growing Mal. Will def. be more of a regular visitor now that I am getting back into growing of sorts! Yipee and as always THANK YOU for your support x

  6. Not being on an allotment committee is to taste freedom!

  7. Hi Shaheen. Wonderfull that Allotment 2 Kitchen has reconnected after your move. BTW greenhouses are sometimes put up for free on recycle sites (even gumtree) to anyone willing to remove them. It depends what comes up in your area! Then again, the hardest part of putting up a greenhouse is preparing the base.

    Sue, You said it!

  8. Huh...your rhubarb looks funny!! Sure it will be great when it's big enough to pick though.

    Your garlic is looking great. I got mine planted later than I usually do this year but after two weeks in the ground it has already sprouted. I'm interested to see how a spirng planting affects it as I have always done an autumn planting before!

    1. Your garlic looks really strong and healthy, Mal. Very satisfying to see this green growth.
      Coming off committees is always a good feeling!