Monday, 8 March 2010

As Good As It Gets

Here's the plot

I know it's just a patch of soil but... there's the rhubarb forcing in that dalek. In the foreground there are jerusalem artichokes - my first planting of this year, to the left the new "pigpen" is in place (no, not really for pigs, for brassica protection from the flying pigs). The manure's been dug in and the limes been scattered. Hell, I've even moved the paving slabs to the rough location of the path! OK, the current brassica patch looks like a scene out of Silence of the Lambs (or was that fava beans?) but that'll be taken care of when the spuds go in.

and here's the new nursery:

It's up, it's anchored down and the Max-Min thermometer has been installed. Just need the temperature to go up a bit. But I'm ready and will start off the indoor sowing this week. Let battle commence!

This week's song: Life's Been Good To Me So Far ~ Joe Walsh

Money spent: £11 (Soil thermometer + Jerusalem Artichokes)
Time spent : 2 hrs

(I can see I maybe need a separate total for "time spent at home" now - "Time spent" is restricted to plot visits. Not sure if I can be bothered with such detail - home is no effort)


  1. I'm so lucky that my patch is in the garden - travelling time is 2 mins, and that involves tea making. Being productive at the weekend makes you feel very contented with yourself...I know it does me!

  2. Looking good; it's satisfying to see so much well dug bare soil. You'll never need to buy artichokes again, I had so many I put a boxfull by the roadside a week ago, not many takers can't even give them away!

  3. It's great to get started on everything. Your nursery will be filled up with seed trays in no time.

  4. Looking good! Soil is still frozen here, and when it gets warmer we will need few days for it to dry.
    Pretty nursery. Will it get enough sun there?

  5. well you have made a good start with beautiful sunshine to boot. I got really excited about you keeping pigs...well for all of one sentence new nursery looks great...I need to get one of those too.

  6. I use max/min thermometers at work and wouldn't be without them now, have even coughed up for one at home.

  7. Tany - Re pigs, I read recently that allotment holders still have the right to keep pigs. It's one piece of legislation that has never been altered from the time when there were allotments (up to 1 acre) and smaller "allotment gardens". At some point (1922 Act?) reference to the larger plots was dropped and "allotments" came to be accepted as meaning just what had formerly been known as "allotment gardens". Oink Oink...