Sunday, 21 March 2010

Look Who's Stalking

It turns out Edinburgh is not at all far behind southern regions. This weekend some banks of daffs look like this:

and some look like this

...and with a bit of cosseting in the "spare room" the rhubarb that spent all winter above ground, out in the cold, now looks like this!

Eat your heart out Gardeners World! (They're just transplanting theirs)

Much less exciting housekeeping.

Last weekend I spent two hours gardening at the plot - Parsnips and carrots sown under a cloche. Broad beans.

This weekend 3 hrs. More parsnips and carrots, spuds - first three rows some Rosevale that had sprouted away and two rows of Epicure which has earned a reputation for shrugging off any frost dammage. Also sowed some lettuce and Boltardy betroot both of which had dubious sow by dates. If they come to nothing - nothing lost. I laced them with parsley seed as an insurance policy. A real cocktail. I just can't bring myself to throw away potentially viable seed. This way if there's any life in it it gets the chance to be a star by growing early, otherwise I'm left with slow growing parsley. If that comes through I know the rest really weren't worth it. (Hope you follow my logic).

Perhaps I should record too that my new "Walk In Greenhouse" got battered to pieces by the first serious winds this week. I had to take the cover off before it flew away/was ripped apart. The wishbone shape design of the frame is very weak and needs to be turned into an A frame before I'll put the cover back in. So it was off toe get a new cover for my dilapedated old "4 tier mini greenhouse" so I have somewhere to bring seeds on for now.

Mone spent £16 grenhouse cover + potato fertilizer

Song of the week : Donald Where's Your Houses


  1. Your rhubarb's coming on a treat. There'll be a crumble made before long.

  2. Love the photo with the church in the background,so beautifully composed.It's good to see a sea of yellow, very cheerful!

  3. Sorry to here about your greenhouse...I hope you get it usable soon. I have read and been told mixed things about planting out yet....most are saying it's a waste of time as it's too early and will die. I'm going with my gutt instinct on's never failed me before!!

    As for the seeds....years ago when there were no sell by dates we managed just fine...we even used to save our own seeds so i think you should just go with it and see what happens. I have had dud seeds that have years left on the date before so I don't think it's a sure thing!!

  4. like the rhubarb, what's the trick? My first daff flower has just about opened by the time I got home from work this evening. Spring at last!

  5. Ohh, its the secret project - hope Mrs Mals not found that rhubarb yet! Looks great!

    We only have 2 pitiful daffs....sure the sun will bring out more....hoping for sun soon!!

  6. Parsnips already? I've been put off by the tales of woe that greet me from the 'seasoned old hands' in the pub.

  7. Thanks for the kind comments.

    Yes it's rhubarb crumble this weekend. The trick/secret, Dynamo, is that, fed up with waiting for my rhubarb to come on outdoors (even under a sizeable bin) and taking a leaf from the rhubarb triangle, I hauled a spare chunk of root indoors (double bagged) and gave it the central heating treatment. It seems to be responding. Only thing is I think I have a late variety. It's coming on fine but is, unexpectedly, very red.

    Iggy - You tell the old timers that parsnips are SLOW to germinate but very RELIABLE - as long as you don't lose them in the weeds. The confusion may arise from the fact that Parsnip seed is only viable FOR ONE YEAR. That doesn't mean they are poor germinators IN THAT YEAR. (Sorry if those capitals appear shouty but there's no italics bold or underlining). I've sown parsnip with sleet and snow showers falling before now, and it's still come up. Along with Jerusalem Artichokes parsnip is one veg that there all the year around!

  8. I love rhubarb, but have no where to grow it.
    There are daffs coming up around here now, but mine have been a no show in the garden ;0(