Sunday, 28 March 2010

Putting Ennilid On It

My worms have survived the winter (-14 degrees Centrigrade, remember)!

and in the process they have reduced my kitchen and garden waste (plus a heap of cardbord and paper) to this lovely mush. (It was full to the brim last summer)

I've transported a goodly number to my second dalek (see below), which has been filling up over the winter. The rest of the compost has been dug into the vegetable patch, enriching it and improving the soil structure, and now the empty bin can be started from scratch again.

Don't you just love those little ennilids???


  1. where would we be without them!

  2. Well I have now got two maybe I need some of these worms...the only problem I have is whether we use them as fish bait come summer??? lol