Sunday, 28 March 2010

Shooting Up!

(With apologies to anybody googling for drugs - forced laughter) My addiction is this pink vegetable. It's something to do with the acid content. My little laboratory has produced an early batch this year from a clump I discarded on the rubbish heap where it got a good frosting, and then dragged back indoors to fire up under the influence of central heating. This isn't "blanched" rhubarb, this is "forced" rhubarb. My experiment has left me on a high!


  1. Looks great. My rhubarb is only in it's second year so I didn't take anything from it last year, but I'm determined to get enough for a crumble this year.

  2.' looks great. I planted rhubarb seed last year but as yet nothing seems to have happened with it. However whilst clearing up to get my bargain goodies out I have come across a delightful patch of the stuff which i am allowed to dig up so hopefully I will have rhubarb next year...YUM!!

  3. Does it actually taste different, Mal? I've never eaten blanched rhubarb, but I'm not crazy about the standard kind...

  4. Jo - Well done on holding back. You should reap the reward this year.

    Dynamo - I've been recommended to add a few strawberries - which I will do once the strawberries catch up. I can wait until then for that experiment as it's great on its own!

    Tany - Rhubarb seed, like potato seed, is there to remind us how lucky we are that they reproduce vegetatively!

    SM - Milder, sweeter, but not different, thank goodness. I'm a fan of the full blown rhubarb experience. To me the main benefit of forcing and blanching is that it is that bit earlier.

  5. I'm a fan of unforced rhubarb too - just need the right variety.