Sunday, 29 January 2012

All tooled up

I've taken up fencing. No not Épée, Sabre or Foil - fencing fencing.  Boy you need a lot of gear: 

The Kit
  Today was my first work visit to the plot this year. Having recently acquired  a sledge hammer of my own and a set of ring pincers (that's the green and black pincers)  I was confident I had taken everything I needed. Here's the results of my handiwork. Not that fantastic but I'm proud of it, and it should stay in good nick for a year or two. Previous efforts have lacked the requisite rigidity and have proved short term. I'm hoping that, with the right equipment and technique, the new fence will last. This is  for the brassica patch which will be topped out with a plastic net once the plants are planted out.

One surprise: this coriander plant is sitting pretty at the end of January!  I guess we expect anything in a curry to require a tropical climate. Not so!


  1. Well done that man! Fence looks good, and so does that coriander!!

  2. We had coriander seedlings coming up all over the plot last year. I think from compost we have tipped out - it surprised me how hardy they seemed.

  3. Nice job on the fence! I will probably have a lot of coriander self seeding in my herb garden this year. Since a lot of it went to seed and wasn't harvested.

  4. The fencing looks great's hoping it stands the test of time!!

    As for the can keep it...YUCK!!

  5. I am surprised about the coriander. Thank you for that!

    Skookum job on the fence Mal.

  6. cracking job on the fence, thats one of the big jobs i have for this year, havent quite decided on the materials to be used yet though.