Sunday 27 June 2010

Beans Top the Poll

The Painted Lady runners have been racing to the top of the poles:

The Scarlet Emporor are not far behind but producing lots of flowers already

For comparison purposes here's the bean 'wigwam' today (with the railway embankment behind)

And let's not forget the humble broad bean which is already producing food for the table:

Peas Please Me (and courgettes too)

Pride of place has to go to this regal flower. I'd just been congratulating Soilman on his when, on my very next visit to the plot, I was greetedby this cheering sight:

Peas, have been a tale of two halves this year. Mangetout Oregon Sugar Pod has proved worth sticking with:

Compared to Petit Pois Waverex which has been an underperformer

Heres's the two, side by side, like two squads lining up for the anthems before a match.

Saturday 19 June 2010


Strawberries before Wimbledon? Ace!