Sunday 12 April 2009

Easter Sunday Update

Back to basics. Here's the same view as on my first post:

The difference is that the roots patch (to the right) has room for just 1 more row of potatoes. The 'Others' patch has been started in earnest, and there is chicken wire around the brassica patch (the brown posts in the distance) in readiness for planting out seedlings which have now been sown at home.

Here's a different view of the 'roots' zone with the brassica zone beyond it:

For the record the rows of potates (from furthest to nearest)are,

Sarpo Mira(Maincrop)
Sarpo Mira(M)
Kerr's Pink(M)
Shetland Black(?)
Arran Pilot(?)
Duke of York (Early)
Sharpe's Express(E)
Edzell Blue(E)

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