Saturday 15 August 2009

Black and Blue

Well, actually more purple than blue. As the rain stopped today I decided to dig up some of the more interesting potatoes. They are Edzell Blue, Arran Victory and Shetland Black. They don't look so very exciting in the field:

But with a bit of a wash and a scrub up:

The Edzells and the Arran Victory are quite similar but I have yet to test their eating qualities. The Shetland Black were small and hard to find in the soil. The yield was disappointing, halfe a row giving up the same as two plants of the other varieties. Some had been attacked by eelworms. Again, I reserve judgement until I've eaten them. They have characteristic blue markings in the flesh (see below) but this is reported to have no effect on their taste.

Of course these vivid colours do not survive the cooking process, but I'm pretty excited about them all the same!


  1. I had a lot of success with Arran Victory last year; a pretty tasty spud. It is always nice to grow something which you know you won't see in the shops

  2. they all look bizarre...I think it is fun to grow something different I'm just not sure my family woulf go for it...they can be rather boring!!