Monday 21 September 2009


Never had such good fennel!

This second row has surpassed the first by not bolting. I guess it is down to the time of sowing, having sufficient nutrients in the ground, and the wet summer! Ordinarily we would just have it in salads but we have extended to braised fennel this year (and it was really good).

I'm fair chuffed.


  1. Hey Mal! thanks for your comments on mine - I'm hoping the apple damage is just birds - we've had no hail here (sure thats the voice of doom now and I won't be able to get out of my house for 10 foot of hail in the morning!)

    Nice looking fennel! You must be well chuffed! Not something I've grown, but it always looks so majestic on veg plots! Cat @ Manor Stables

  2. your fennel looks great...i have had this growing in my garden for about 4 years..never have dug up any to eat though,,,I just think it's pretty and love the