Friday 11 December 2009

The Seeds of Change

The seed order's arrived and next year the plot should look like this: (but with potatoes, strawberries, raspberries, rhubarb and hopefully blueberries too!)

And while I'm about it I came across my old planting timetable planner. Note that it uses months of exactly 4 weeks (columns 1 to 4)and the distances (the rest)are all in inches. I've found it invaluable as a prompt as to what (exactly) needs to be done and when. It is based on information extracted from Dr Hessayen's "Vegetable Expert". Of course preparation has to precede the sowing and planting, ideally by a matter of weeks. No one prepares a bed and sows it on the same day do they...)


  1. hey...I always prepare the bed and sow it on the same day...Shouldn't I??

    however I don't have a planting timetable and planner...just go with the flow of what grows!!

  2. All the books say you shouldn't but hey it's another case of not allowing theory to get in the way of practice. I'll admit that just the other day I dug out rhubarb, added manure and bonemeal, and then planted raspberries on the same patch all in the same day. The imperative was to get the canes planted where they best fitted in asap, as they weren't going to do well in the coal cellar!