Sunday, 19 September 2010

Season of Mellow Fruitfulness

Been busy away from the allotment coping with the opportunities autumn presents. This year we planned to make elderberry flower champagne, but in the blink of an eye (or 40 blinks at any rate) the opportunity passed. One result was more Elderberries! So when I saw the berries were ripening I was determined to catch that wave. Here's the result which are currently fermenting away in a polytub with the satisfying (and reassuring) accompaniment of the glug glug as the gas vents through the water trap on the top. There could be some good drinking - in about a years time!

Plums is another seasonal bounty. We've had at least 10 kilos so far and there's more to come. Last year we tried two recipes. One quick and fresh tasting and the other boiling fo 3 hours. The first was good but the second brilliant! We ate all we made well before Christmas. So this year its all recipe 2. There's a video whic is enjoyable in itself on youtube. Search for "Under the Tuscan Gun Plum Jam" and you'll find it. The only amendment I make is to add the skinned kernals from inside half a dozen stones. Although they contain a toxic substance when raw this is dissipated in the cooking and I attribute the depth of flavour to this, along with the long cooking.

Tomatoes come good.



Here's a hunter at work while I'm gathering the Elderberries.


  1. I'd be interested to know how your champagne turns out. We have a couple of black elders that have berries and also lovely pink flowers which apparently make a good cordial - tinged pink - trouble is the flowers are lovely and I don't want to pick them when they open.
    We had trouble with a heron in our pond - great to see in the wild but not in your garden pond.

  2. Can almost smell it from here, it all looks so good. If you have any plums left, they make brilliant spicy chutney.

  3. I love fruit and all the possiblities it brings...I have to say I am more into my pies, jams and crumbles than anything!!

  4. Glad to see that the banana trick worked on your tomatoes. The plum jam sounds delicious.

  5. We've just been foraging too and have a batch of elderberry wine on the go. Normally make elderflower cordial from the flowers in summer but must try the champagne.

  6. This year we made elderberry cordial (lovely stuff served warm when the evenings draw in) and pontack (the jury's still out, hopefully it will improve with age). Must try elderflower champagne next year.

    And must get a plum tree too; the plum jam sounds wonderful!