Sunday 24 April 2011

I Fought the Law...

You will know from my "Green Taxes" posts that I have been protesting to the City of Edinburgh Council about their Allotment rent increases (which have ben ten times the RPI every year for nine years).  Well since this process began virtually every council in England has started to bump up their rents. 

An even more sinister development (that I have only just discovered)  is that the government have declared a "consultation" on removing the foundation on which allotments are based. This is the law that states that when 6 people approach a Local Authority with a request for allotment provision then the authority is obliged to consider it.

Of course authorities have sidestepped the issue, mostly by establishing "waiting lists" in the good old British tradition of queing politely and awaiting your turn,. And of course it is a wishy washy law, but it is the cornerstone of allotment provision. Doing away with it will not just change new allotment provision, it will change the basis on which any existing allotment is held too. It will free up local authorities to 'hive off' their responsibilites. Allotments will henceforth be privately managed and rent will rocket. As soon as a developer can be found they will be sold off. It will be the end for allotments. 

Here's the link.

The consultation ends tomorrow! Sorry. But there is a web petition that you can add your name to:

p.s.  My own rent complaint has been rejected by the landlord (City of Edinburgh Council) so I have escalated it to the Public Service Ombudsman who has the power to review such matters. I'll let you know how I get on.


  1. just signed the petition. I can imagine the blocks of 'apartments' that would go up on our site in no time at all.

  2. That's terrible, they should be adding more sites not making it more expensive or difficult to have one.

  3. Good luck with the Ombudsmen Mal. I signed the petition the other day, allotments are something they should be expanding.

  4. I signed the petition too - Incredible isn't it - they say we need more ways of producing food and that we need to eat fresh fruit and vegetables and we need more exercise and then come up with harebrain schemes like this!

    There again the buzz word at the moment is abolish!

  5. This makes me want to punch someone in the nose Mal, you keep on fighting. I am half a continent away but right behind you.

  6. I hate the fact that they are trying to take the allotments away...we've had the same here with talk of 'development for the good of the village' IF....I too have signed the petition!!!!!

  7. have signed the petition, really hope it does some good. having only just acquired my allotment after waiting a fair time on 'the list' I feel for the people still awaiting their turn, if anything, plans should be made to make more wasted space available for people who will put it to good use, not have it taken away! wishing you all the best, good luck x