Saturday, 27 August 2011

Amazing Technicolour Dreamcarrot

Back in February I blogged about coloured carrots

So, aside from two nets of 'normal' carrots, I sowed a third net of four labelled coloured varieties.
Well today the net came off and I dug up a sample of each and subjected them to a blind taste test.

From left to right:

Rainbow: Yellow white and pink - top marks for taste - little or no splitting
Healthmaster: Healthy name but could do with a spoonful of sugar. Low yield, splitting.
Sugarsnax: Good yield. Despite name not as sweet as Rainbow or Purple Haze
Purple Haze: Looks good, tastes good, some splitting.


  1. Rainbow has always done well for me too Mal... Beautiful photo!

  2. Great selection of carrots Mal, love the colours.

  3. Thanks Bren, that's interesting.

    Damo, I've seen your carrots (and parsnips) so that's high praise - Congrats on your 200th post too. (Someday I'll conquer the Wordpress comments challenge)

  4. We should have multi-coloured carrots too. Sniff sniff!

  5. Luverrly, our carrots are a disaster this year :(

    I did find in previous years that the purple carrots are great in your mince! They work really well as gravy browning.

  6. Those carrots look great...I'm not one myself for changing the colour of veg so I stick to the usual....but they do look great lined up like that. Do they retain the colour when cooked??

  7. They do retain their colour. My son thought his tea had been burnt when he saw the purple/black carrots!

  8. I'm preparing on utilizing your final results to bottom my planting this year. If there occurs to become no distinction