Thursday 5 January 2012

Weather Report - Rough Winds

Here's the report circulating following the winds on Tuesday when Edinburgh winds gusted to 102 mph.

Extensive damage to allotments. Some Very severe. no one unaffected . victims worst affected Mary (roof blown off). Ditto P . David H original hut severe damage .Maggie L's hut totally demolished part of which is on G's plot some is in the burn. Maggie S's Severe damage to greenhouse Too much to mention.

Don't know if I dare to go and look this weekend!


  1. Oh must have been terrible! What a heartbreak. Please keep us updated.

  2. what a shame, hope you find your plot much as you left it.
    At least it the damage was caused by the wind and not vandals - much more forgivable!

  3. We've yet to visit our plot but it did sound as though you were getting the worst of the storms up where you are.

  4. Hello fellow Edinburgh gardener, found your blog via Kelli's and was thrilled to see someone in the area who knows what sort of winds we've been having here. I'm up near Ikea where it's even more exposed, trees down, houses damaged, but somehow my plants are holding on for dear life - troopers.

    I was wondering if you might add your garden to Folia the online gardening website (it's free). Scottish gardens are very under represented there so I'm always looking to encourage more to join.

    It's a great resource for gardeners and has helped me keep on top of my 800+ plantings with photo's, notes, journals, milestones etc. They have an extensive plant wiki and a seed stash section where people can also list seeds for swapping. Here's the link to my Folia page so you can see how it works:

    Hope to see you there. All the best for your gardening year to come, let's hope it's less bloomin' windy!

  5. Sorry to hear you have lots of damage up there, we got away with the worst of it here, just a few trees down around the local villages.

  6. When I was watching the news reports I was thinking of you up in edinburgh. hope your damage isn't too severe. Our winds were arond of yet I haven't visted the allotment...maybe tomorrow.

  7. Fingers crossed for you. I'll be going along in an hour or so to check out our plot.