Saturday, 7 July 2012

Before the Flood

It's been raining all day and so I have decided to post a record of the state of a week ago.  I did a video but have given up after a week of trying to upload it... so here are the stills.

(I've missed out the alliums as they covered in the last post - and the soft fruit too - aside from Blueberries)

Here's the beanage

Broad Beans, Runner Beans, French Beans

French Beans hanging on - note the slug pellets
and the Brassicas:

Weedy Brassicas
I have now removed any free radical potatoes that were growing amidst them!

Here's this year's crop:

Well the potatoes are lovin it!

Carrot  Domes

Weedy Peas
Here's a crop that has loved the conditions recently:



  1. The potatoes are looking good. Your soil certainly looks as wet as mine and I assume by the protection around your plants that your temperatures are worse than here in somerset. My Runner & French beans are really struggling this year.

  2. Most of my stuff is very slow too, except the brassicas! Where did you get your carrot covers from? My homemade efforts tore after the first rain that hit the fleece! My spuds are good too, so far... Hope you get some good crops in the end.

  3. Your potatoes look quite healthy and don't look to be eaten by slugs (like mine).

  4. We desparately need to do some weeding too. I wonder if all the wet will 'water down' the potato flavour like seems to have happened to the strawberries - well that isthe ones that actually survive being turned to mush by the rain or munched by slugs.

  5. Rooko, removing the protection has never reached the top of the job list

    Teri, The "carrot tunnel kit" was a major outlay (from the Organic gardening Catalogue) but lasts for years. You need "thrip netting" and wire hoops if you want to make up your own kit. Fleece doesn't really work.

    Keli, I've even resorted to sprinkling the spud patch with a few slug pellets (Organic approved variety). Too expensive and unnecessary as a rule.

    Sue, Your strawberry experience is the same as mine! Cambridge Favourite have been a big disappointment - again! I do hope your prediction for potatoes proves unfounded!

    1. So do I? So far the potatoes that we have dug are still tasty!

    2. Ooh good. I start digging them in a week's time - Haven't I been good waiting?

  6. My weeds are horrific and so many of the crops I grow well as a rule are doing miserably.....I am hoping to resow some things but I'm not holding out much hope.....will the weather ever get sunny and dryish??

  7. Ruth, I final tackled the sticky willy that had climbed up the rose bushes today. I took the camera to do before and after pics - but discovered I had left the memory card in the laptop at home! (Although you can see it at the end of the potato patch)

    Tany. I'm not sure I have any carrots to speak of under those covers!!! It's been an atrocious year, without doubt. (On the plus side only one of my celeriacs has keeled over. They love the wet weather, but will they produce any bulk this year?)

  8. That dark, sodden soil looks depressingly familiar. I just heard on the TV weather forecast that Edinburgh has had 1.5 hours of sunshine so far in July. I am off out tomorrow to buy Vitamin D tablets.