Monday, 22 October 2012

Is that all there is?

Beans have been a waste of time this year - even runner beans! I grew them at the allotment and I grew them in raised beds but the results were like the weather - dismal!

Barlotti -  Nul points
Blue Lake - Nul points
Canadian Wonder - Nul points
Sungold - 1/2 point
Painted Lady - One point
Scarlet Emporer - Nul Points

Clearly I've been barking up the wrong pole this year. I'm tempted just to grow tatties and neeps next year (except that my neeps failed this year too and the tatties got blight!)

For the record I planted garlic, shallots and onions today.  The new year has arrived!


  1. It was like a bean festival around here. I had tons of White Lady and St George runners, loads of Blauhilde french beans, a decent crop of Goldfield french beans and a healthy dose of Borlottis, still dying on the plants!

    Peas, however, didn't happen...

  2. Glad to hear it, Iggy. You can tell why all the seed companies are in the south! Mind you, you can't beat a Scottish Raspberry!

  3. I have my garlic and runner beans ready for planting. I have never tried winter onions though...maybe something for next year.

    My beans did quite well production wise, hope yours are better next year...though lets face it with results like that they can't really get much worse!

  4. Good luck with your over-wintering alliums. We did quite well with the senshyu ones this season, hopefully you'll do similarly! Beans for us were a complete wash-out this year too. Literally: not a bean!