Thursday, 5 March 2009


Here's what the frost has done to the snowdrops! Just as well I unhooked the shelves of potatoes and brought them in the house last night.

I planned to start sowing indoors this week but don't feel like doing it with the frost at the door! So instead here's a revision of my plot plan. I've swapped over the 'Others' and 'Brassicas' because, in the course of reading up about Lime, I have decided to heed the warning that "Lime likes to be alone". Having manured the long strip I can't lime it for fear of the acidic manure reacting with the alkaline lime. (Also I haven't made it as far as manuring the other patch). Answer - Lime and grow brassicas on the square patch and grow 'others' on the long strip. In future years I will stick the always growing the brassicas on a freshly limed third of the plot.

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