Saturday, 28 March 2009

Something Stirring

A few weeks ago I popped a bucket over one clumb of rhubarb.

The second picture shows a comparison with a neighbouring uncovered crown.

This is a real sign that temperatures are rising - although the wind has been blowing from the Northwest for the last week giving a Edinburgh a 'fresh' feel. I'm glad I haven't been too gung-ho with my sowing schedule. (Last weekend was a gardening washout due to family matters taking priority) I fear the the Ballydoon potatoes are in danger of 'over chitting'. Perhaps I'll hunt down the long range weather forcast. As soon as it warms up I'm going to to be ready for the spring rush! Back at home I have a mini greenhouse and will use this to bring on the brassicas in readiness for planting them out at the plot (like the leeks). But at the moment it's just too cold, and too windy to sow any seeds - Maybe tomorrow...

In the meantime here's another close-up.


  1. Please, wath is this?
    This is eat? or not?
    Sorry my ingles, i`m brasil. Please write for me spikinging thet is vegetale.
    Cléo Borges
    Por favor, o que isso?
    Isso é d ecomer? Ou nao?
    Desculpe meu ingles, eu sou brasileira. Por favor escreva para mim explicando que vegetal é esse.
    Obrigada, Cléo Borges

  2. Hi Cléo,

    This is "rhubarb".
    You only eat the stems (the leaves are poisinous)
    The stems/stalks are chopped up and cooked with sugar.
    The resulting 'stewed rhubarb' tastes sharp (acidic). It is often served with egg custard.

    To make it grow faster and taste sweeter, you can cover the plant with a bucket, to keep the light out. This is what thie photographs show.

    Hola Cléo,

    Este es "el ruibarbo".
    Usted sólo come los tallos (las hojas son poisinous)
    Los tallos/tallos son cortados en pedazos y cocinados con el azúcar.
    El 'stewed rhubarb' prueba agudo (ácido). A menudo es servido con natillas de huevo.

    Para hacerlo ponerse más rápido y probar más dulce, usted puede cubrir la planta de un cubo, no dejar pasar la luz. Este es que thie fotografía el espectáculo.

  3. So, you started this in February? I'm really a little too far south (U.S.) for rhubarb to really thrive, and I wonder if this would over stress my plants? Sure does look tasty though. BTW, it makes a marvelous pie or crumble cooked along with strawberries.