Tuesday, 9 June 2009

So this is summer, and what have you done...

It's summer so why be glum?

The planting plan was going well but... in the meantime the weeds are still growing, so instead of a weed free seed bed I've got, 6 inch high weeds. Everything is dying of thirst. Despite fencing off and netting the brassicas and strawberry patch some rodent is dragging off the strawberries and a pidgeon got under the wire and demolished an entire row of cabbage seedlings. (Those Primo must be tastier than the rest).

On the plus side the runner beans have settled in under their wigwam. Out of 12 plants 11 are fine. The fox took a dislike to one and dug it out. In addition some mange-tout I sowed as an afterthought have come up nicely - and I've had the foresight to provide some protection for them.

The early potatoes have burst into flower, and I've got around to mounding the last two rows.

I shouldn't complain because Monday last week was the first non-weekend, non-bank holiday visit (after 4 days of blazing sunshine and soaring temperatures). Unfortunately everyone else was on a water run too. Tonight was my second weekday visit, spurred on by the prospect of picking strawberries, only to realise that things are getting out of hand.

My target, which I haven't given up on yet, is to get the whole place planted up and weeded by the end of the month - More weekday vists beckon.

Photos on hold for now.

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