Thursday 28 May 2009

Taking Stock

Remember this?

Here's a snapshot of where we are now. It's the end of May and the last frost should be past so, although the plot looks half empty, those gaps will soon fill up with beans, courgettes, leeks and cabbages (not to mention some pak choi I am trying for the first time.)

Keeping a record pays off, and invariably I fall short on this, but with my digital camera to hand to supplement my notes I have managed to piece together exactly what I have sown where.

I would add a couple of lessons that have been driven home this year:

1. Keep a record of what you sow, where and when.

2. Don't even think about using out of date seed.

3. Remember to put down weedkiller on the paths before the weeds and grass get a grip. At least that frees you up to concentrate on growing things.

4. Keep an eye on the weather forecast - and move plants indoors overnight when appropriate.

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