Sunday 11 October 2009


The horseradish that I tolerated has been making an escape bid across the mutual path, so I had a war of attrition against it. The horseradish won - there's some stubbornly holding out. I'll be going back to finish it off.

Having dug out a couple of pounds worth I decided to preserve a good supply in vinegar. First of all it had to be peeled and then macerated in a food processor. Then salted, bottled and covered in vinegar. My error was to take too lightly the advice not to sniff the blitzed root. It nearly knocked me out, and I had to take the dog out for a walk to give myself some fresh air. Do not try this at home... After a break the process was completed. I've also kept some in the fridge without vinegar and some in the freezer just to see how they compare. I'll let you know how the test works out. Here's the one in vinegar:

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  1. cool...fresh horseradish...just what I'm after...I have the perfect place to plant it...Thank you!!