Monday, 12 October 2009


I've been plodding along digging up a row of potatoes each vist (I can't carry more). Just one row to go. Here's some Sarpo Miro that have scrubbed up nicely.

They're just what I want at this stage: not so many but a good size and precious little disease or slug attack. Eating qualities yet to be tested properly. Their shape is a bit odd. Not only are they long, they're also flat!

Now for yield the Rooster wins the prize and they make wonderful flavoursome mash and roast well. I've been checking out the store in the garden shed for damaged tubors (of which there were few), and picked out some for baking:

Provided they are stored properly we should be eating our own well into the New Year!

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  1. your spuds look great and I really enjoyed your blog...thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.. :-)