Saturday, 2 January 2010

Avoiding the big chill - green shoots

There's been snow lying in Edinburgh since 17th December. Here's a view of the canal on New Year's Day

But inside I've got unexpected lodgers:

They're only there by accident. When storing this year's dried beans away on 1st November I came across some broad beans I'd overlooked from last year. To see if they were viable I soaked them in water:

and they all sprouted!

The next step was to plant them into modules. I had fully intended to plant them out at the plot but they didn't make it before the big freeze.

Considering the forecast before going away at Christmas I had to take them in. Now the big chill shows no sign of ending and my pampered beans are racing away. I'm going to have a hell of a job hardening them off!

Oh, and Happy New Year one and all!


  1. My broad beans appear to be doing nicely under the snow on the plot...not as big as yours yet...but I have no work to do with them so I think I will remain happy in the warm knowing that they are hardy and i don't have to freeze my but off on the plot!!!

  2. Happy new year. Looks like they'll be indoors for a while yet with all this snow about.

  3. Would they have made it if you had planted them out already? I grew some last spring, but I didn't know they would over winter. Broad beans are new to me - very few people (that I know of) here in the states grow them.

  4. Hello,
    You have a very interesting blog, I look forward reading it once gardening season starts.

  5. Hi David, Yes broad beans are commonly sown in the autumn when they get started and then enter a dormant phase before growing again in the spring (and getting a head start on their younger siblings).

    Hi vrtlarica, thanks for stopping by.