Saturday, 16 October 2010

Autumn - Yes indeed!

A few weeks ago I was railing against the early arrival of Autumn. Now I have embraced it:

... and why not? At last a break from the constant battle against the weeds, the pests, the lack of water/sun/heat.  Time to dig the first parsnip, brussel sprout  ...jerusalem artechoke? Well, maybe soon.

...and the first seed catalogue clomped onto the doormat this week.  Ah, the promise of perfect effortless results and the prospect of  hours choosing which particular ones fit in with your plans. (Far too many from my experience.)   Perhaps its time for my annual inventory of what's left over and what I've saved myself  this year, before making out this year's order. 


  1. I have just sorted me seeds out properly and have so many that i don't think I need to buy any next year...I always end up buying some though...I can never resist!!

  2. It's hard work choosing seeds and then the dratted magazines give you loads more free that you hadn't accounted for!!!! - And they just HAVE to be planted!

  3. It's that time of year when the wish list starts, what veg can I grow next year? Decisions, decisions.....

  4. Only the first seed catalogue this week? I've been being deluged for about a month now. It doesn't mean I'm any more organised about next year's seeds.

    Thanks for the warning about the A9 north of Inverness, which I read when we got back! That is one scary, ever-narrowing road, especially in the dark.

  5. I am inundated with seed catalogues. Saturday night is pencilled in as seed catalogue and beer night.

    My god, what happened to the bloke that used to go out?