Sunday 24 October 2010

Bean Bonanza

Today I'm podding red kidney beans "Canadian Wonder":

This is to add to the Barlotti beans which we seem to be eating rather than storing. These red beans grew in profusion this year, probably because I started them at home, and provided a bit of support before the winds blew them over:

They ripened before the first frost

Here is that rogue purple podded climbing French bean. The dried beans don't look very exciting being  mottled white.  Cooked, they compare well enough with other haricots, the pods tasted great raw and had no strings. These are  very versatile beans! 

Here's what they look like 'on the vine' (the purple ones high on the poles above the Canadian Wonder). Anybody got any idea what my magic beans might be?  


  1. No idea what the beans are but i love the fact that they are very noticeable!! I know that they have bred some beans that are purple so maybe it something of that sort!!

    The red beans look great....can they be eaten this size??? are they more reminiscent of a broad bean or a kidney bean??

  2. I am expanding the beanage next year, so I'll no doubt be after some advice on the best beans for bloody cold climates!

  3. No idea Mal but your beans look great.