Thursday 9 December 2010


Sorry - no chard visible in this post.

Prompted by fellow Edinburger Linda at Slow Growing in Scotland  here here is a sad picture of collapsed brassica cages on a neighbour's plot. His newly constructed wooden frames have been snapped like matchwood.

...and I haven't fared any better.

There should be a net over those posts. Retrieving it proved impossible so I strung a new net over the top to keep the pigeons off until the thaw arrived. Instead we got 6 inches more snow the next day and I'll have two nets to retrieve and repair once it does. In the meantime I have to hope the pigeons are on diet.

Here's what we are up against. The spikes on the railing have disappeared!

Here's a familiar view with added snow.


  1. Your graphic description gave me a good idea of what had happened, but the photo really brings home the wreckage. All that work! At least as long as the covering of snow lasts the pigeons should be kept at bay, but with this sudden thaw who knows.

    Sudden thaw everywhere but Edinburgh's pavements, it seems.

  2. We still have to see what has happened at our plot - I guess the environmesh over the carrots will be flat

  3. Wasn't Monday something else? Colleagues in Inroads say there's more to come in a week or two.

  4. Hope your brassicas survive Mal, those pigeons can be cunning. I haven't netted my brussels and they've left them alone so far.

  5. still looks like you have quite bad weather...I'm happy to say that we started to thaw on thursday and for now the streets are clear!!!!

  6. The snow can cause such damage. I've yet to discover how my allotment has fared, though there's nothing much growing there at the moment so it shouldn't be too bad.