Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Skippy Recycles Again

2010 has been a year of recycling:

Here's my latest acquisition - Looks like 20m polyurethane piping that was on the way to landfill. Ideal for cloches, mini polytunnels etc.

One pair of these Ikea bunk bedsteads is our own. Coincidentally an identical pair was being thrown out in a local skip.  That's getting on for a polytunnel's worth!

 But king of the skip is the humble brick:

 Mind you they take a bit of cleaning up!

This protective cage is  from bed parts.

You've guessed -  I can't turn down the offer of free hardware  - more recycling and less landfill.

All I need now is the time to reconfigure these resources to best effect.

Snow photos added 27/12/10


  1. I love the bricks!

  2. Nearly enough for a herb bed, Mojo.

  3. Hi Ruth. Yes, that's my problem too!

  4. Good to see you using anything you can get your hands on Mal. Be good to see how these items turn out.

  5. Love those squate protector cages, what an ingenious idea! And I'd love to find a load of piping like that also, great for constructing brassica nets etc.

  6. So, no pressure then, Dynamo!!! I have to admit that there is a proportion of allotmenteers who are really more interested in building things than in growing things. I'm a grower, myself - But this year will be the test.

    Hi HP, Psst, the secret is a good wire bending tool. (Like your choice of blog design, BTW)

  7. Dear Mal, one of the things I love about allotments is the ingenuity shown in recycling various bits and pieces. Makes them fascinating.

  8. well it looks like you made some good choices there...and are the pictures recent? I don't see much snow!

  9. Hi Tany - If you want snow... I've added a couple of pictures.