Saturday 4 June 2011

Brick Raised Beds Update

This winter I built 4 brick raised beds.

It took a bit of time...

... but we got there before spring sprung.

Here's how it looks today:

Right now the brassicas are ready for transplanting,

All except the Pak Choi which doesn't like to be moved.

(Tany, last year my pak choi at the allotment all bolted.  It seems it likes pampering, Lots of fertility and lots of water.  Temperature not too hot -  like a Scottish spring)

The herb and salad beds have been a roaring success too, but the asparagus was a complete failure, producing just one viable plant. No problem: Now I've got room for my outdoor cucumber tomatoes and courgettes.


  1. That is so cool to see the season of change in your beds and they are so full and vibrant now!

  2. What a lovely (and productive) area you have made, love your raised beds, very neat, and the centre pot just finishes the area off. What a great view to have from the window!

  3. They look like a great success Mal and a nice garden feature too.

  4. I really like these raised beds Mal, and I'd still like a go at making a brick one myself... Mine are all timber, and I love the look of the brick.

    Where are you transplanting your brassicas to?

  5. I didn't know about not moving pak choi...I have had it planted in tubs but small ones and then thinned it out...I will give it another try in a larger tub and remember to water it lots...thanks for the tip Mal!!

  6. Not grown pak choi this year. Might give it a go.

  7. Your raised beds are beautiful. They are a great feature, and look as though they are a great height for working in. Looks like they would be easy to net or make into a large cloche too. Great idea!