Saturday, 11 June 2011

Watching Flowers in the Rain?

Not on your nelly.  I reckon Roy Wood didn't have an allotment!  Wet soil is ideal for weeding the vegetable patch, and if you've only got the weekends to do it, you do it rain or shine!

  Two hours later:


Spot the new shed making its first appearance.

And while I'm at it here's the Canadian Wonder patch all filled up.

Dwarf Beans

 And here's the pea patch. I was surprised to find some podding up in the earliest row, with a second row flowering. Not long to wait now!

Peas galore
 The strawberries in the foreground are everbearing variety, Albion.  I've been picking off the flowers to encourage leaf growth as I don't want strawberries off this patch until the other three patches are exhausted.

I hate weeding but it is the stuff of the allotment  right now.  If you don't get it done now you might as well hand back the keys, because in another week or two the seedlings would have been swamped and the only option to dig the weeds in. The plants will get a real boost from the lack of competition, and the rain, so they'll be able to keep ahead of the weeds from here on, with just a little help.  Generally I  find it easy to weed when I'm getting the reward of a crop at the same time, less so when its weed, weed, weed and no return.


  1. Looks great so far. It won't be long until there will be plenty of yummy things to harvest.

  2. NO wet sol for us yet so it is busy with the hoe.

  3. Doesn't it almost feel sweeter..the work in the rain and at the end of the day you really feel like you've done a great day's work! We've had nothing but rain here so working in the rain has been a must this year. You're sure to get great garden results now with all the room for your seedlings :)

  4. looks great! wish my weeding was going as well :)

  5. Yes but Mal what's your surprise! I love a surprise :)

  6. I am trying to sat on top of the weeds this's not easy though but I think I am getting a pretty good handle on things!!