Sunday 15 April 2012

Potato Patch Progress

We had a frost overnight. But undeterred I planted three more rows of potatoes today:

Potato Patch
 The kale at the far end and the spinach beet in the foreground won't last much longer. I picked both hard. Together with rhubarb and leeks I had quite a haul  to take home.
My trug overfloweth


  1. Looks like a good haul Mal, I've had enough of planting spuds now, still have a dozen tubers left but no energy!

  2. An overflowing trug is always good!

  3. Nice basket of goodness! I may be planting my potatoes today...if not, tomorrow.

  4. I picked my P.S.B. at the weekend...I didn't have much but this made it taste even more delicious!!

    I have all my potatoes in now....just hope these nasty frosts have passed by the time the foliage starts to appears above ground.