Saturday 21 April 2012

Ready Steady ....Sow

Doesn't it just creep up on you - perhaps that's why it's called "spring".  Up until now I've held off sowing lots of things.  Outdoors it's only Onions, Peas , Parsnips and Potatoes  -plus some optimistic early carrots I don't hold out much hope for.  After a warm dry March I kinda regretted that. Then April blew in, or rather drenched in,  temperatures plumetted and rain levels returned to where they normally are in Edinburgh at this time of year. Now when I check the books and backs of packets suddenly it's time to sow...  everything. So tomorrow is going to be a mass sowing day - whatever the weather.   

I've mentioned outdoor sowings. My indoor space is limited - but here's some I prepared earlier:

Not as big as the ones available in the nurseries, but on schedule for planting out after the last frosts in May.

(And yes Tany - those are celeriac. I decided to give them another shot with a different variety)


  1. I don't know how people manage without a greenhouse - ours is quite a big one and is filling up now. We still have to start sowing outdoors

  2. I've given up on the idea of early veg this year. With this cool damp weather I'm just going to aim for getting some crops but perhaps not those extra early crops. If we get much more rain here then the next problem will be cultivating the soil. Our rainfall for April looks like it might be around average it just that we get some nearly every day.

  3. I have celeriac on the go too Mal...germination better than last year but not great...I am hoping for at least something this year!!

    I got some sowing done a few weeks ago but I don't seem to be having too much luck with the squash seeds this year....i guess I still have time though.

    Very jealous of your chilli's...mine haven't shown any signs of life yet!!

  4. Looking good, we're bursting at the seams here under the weight of seedlings. Can't wait for some warmer weather next month.

  5. Congrats on your blog being in the Top Garden Blogs Award List - think voting ends this month so good luck!

  6. Gee, thanks for the alert Kelli - Now I've succeeded in adding a voting Widget (no mean feat) I've posted an entry about it!