Sunday 5 August 2012

Blue Gold

It's taken two years but the first blueberries have arrived:

First Blueberries

Here's how they look today:

Bushes today

It all started as a big disappointment as the three "bushes" I ordered turned out to be more like twigs.

Bushes - or twigs -  Day 1  21-3-2010
Their first winter was spent especially well protected 

Winter 2010/11
Even before they arrived I had spent a lot of time and money preparing the ground for them.  I had a paddling pool/sand pit that the children had grown out of.

Preparing the ground Autumn 2009
This was buried two foot down

Preparing the Ground 2
...and filled with ericaceous compost- about 5 bags worth in the end.
Preparing the Ground 3
At one point it looked as if it was all for nothing:

Winter 2011/12
but they bounced back.
One year Old 

Now, two years on, things are looking rosey

On the vine

Unfortunately given the recent inundation we can't have the confidence to eat the crop, but at least we are providing some  snail food!



  1. We don't get anything like ripe blueberries on our bushes as the blackbirds clear anything turning remotely blue along with the raspberries, alpine strawberries, gooseberries and redcurrants. I can see why it's good to invest in a fruit cage.

    1. My fruit cage is the remains of a bunk bed wired together, and topped with plastic mesh. I come from the "If you don't net it don't even bother planting" school.

  2. Have you no part of your plot free from pollution?

    1. I wish I could assess whether the danger is past. The Council's "Scientific Services" have not yet pronounced. In the meantime I'm adopting the precautionary principle. (And even if this year is a washout I'm hoping my blueberries will grow stronger for the future.)

  3. Well done with your crop. I have my blueberries in pots at home, that way I can keep my eye on them, however I have never had mine eaten by snails. This year the blackbirds found them so I popped a net over and they have been fine. I have a great big bag full of them in the freezer. I have had one bush for about 5 years now and also now have a new one for cross pollination which has yet to flower (1yr old). They are both early types so the berries don't get too big.

    1. That's encouraging Liz. What pruning do you you do (and when)?

  4. I'm glad to have read your blog today because we've not had anything out of our blueberries - I had thought maybe it was because of the very wet summer (seems to have ruined most soft fruits for us - but you've inspired me & I'm now looking forward to some sort of crop next year!

    1. Yeah - strawberries (all four varieties) were disappointing. Still harbouring high expectations for our late raspberries...

  5. Well done Mal, you're a very determined grower - I gave up on mine at the twig stage!

  6. I've never had much luck with fruit but it's great to see how others do it. Maybe some day I'll try blueberries. Hope your plot gets the all clear from the Council.

  7. I had some healthy looking blueberries forming before I went on holidays. I had forgotten all about them until I read this...guess I should check whether they are still there for us to I long to make blueberry muffins!!!

    Hows the celeriac looking Mal??